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Olivia, Linda, and Rant's Holiday post

We invite you to our Holiday Traditions, Meals, and Happiness!

Hello all! This season has been a blur of parties, all day cook-a-thons, gift wrapping, gift giving, candles, and of course, eating! I'm exhausted. Instead of pulling out the lighting equipment, and making yet another amazing dish, when my refrigerator is already stuffed to the gills with such things, I am going to give you some entertaining tips of the season. And yes, there will be dog photos.

I am very happy and grateful that it all went so well this year. I found a great psychiatrist, and I am able to let the punches slide off. One thing I put into practice was whenever I felt a woe is me moment come on, I Instead focused the Joy I was bringing to those in my home. I could not help but being overcome with the joy of the season. There was much singing in the kitchen this year!

If you are celebrating Kwanza, which starts tonight, Good luck citizens. If there are any vegan dishes, please share them below!

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The picture above is a fruit and pudding dish I set out one of the nights of Chanukah. I peeled and sliced a fresh pineapple, pears, ground up a fresh coconut that Linda had opened. I sprinkled on some fresh cranberries for the bitter sweetness. The red dish has vegan pudding. I got both serving dishes from the Dollar Tree.

Another night I created a homemade vegan Chicken Noodle soup with matzo balls. The next day, we had a lot more soup, so I rolled up some Kreplach with a mushroom, raisin, and cardamom mixture. The soup was just as good the second day. Some households have enough for a feast all eight nights, some just have enough, and some have to get creative. There is still kreplach dough in the freezer. I served the dumplings on a snowflake plate I got on Clearance at Hobby Lobby. I served them with my gingerbread cookies in the shape of a menorah, Star of David, and a dreidel. The cookie cutters were Threshold by Target. The meal is set up as show in the opening photo of this post.

This year, the last night of Chanukkah was also Christmas Day. I have a blended household, So I did a fancy sit down dinner this last night.

I took out the Rosh Hashanah plate set (from Neiman Marcus). Made these beautiful place cards from They were free, minus the cost of ink. If I did this setting over, I would have increased the size of the print. I found another free template for the menu that I feel comliments the placecards well, at To top the setting off, I placed a Christmas cracker from merci merci X Gardiner. The crackers were my favotire part of the setting. They opened up to reveal, a wooden broach, gold foil hat and a delightful seasonal joke.

Of course, the best thing about the holidays is getting to spend time with your friends, family, and the ones you care about. Here below, are rare pictures of Myself (Olivia), Linda, and Rant. Gathered together, exuding Joy for All. What are some of your treasured Holiday Memories? Tell us in the comments section below.

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